How Do I Get My HVAC System Ready For Winter?


Seasonal maintenance on your HVAC ensures that the system is in-tune and performing efficiently, according to Tom Drexler Heating. Many things can happen during summer that may affect the parts of the HVAC and it’s important to have it routinely checked to avoid any problems. Comprehensive inspection and maintenance can help extend its lifetime, lower […]

What Equipment Do I Need to Clean My Airducts?


Many people think that air pollution only comes from the environment outside their house or office. With HVAC systems handling all the filtering and air circulation, indoor air pollution is also a growing health concern. Over time, contaminants, dust and particles coming from the outdoors, cooking and other indoor activities can clog air ducts and […]

How Do I Improve Indoor Air Quality?


Many people think that air pollution like car fumes, smog, dust and air pollen only exist outside their house. In truth, air inside the house or office can be equally polluted and unhealthy with the air outside your door. Some home interior materials contain volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, and chemicals from fragrances that can cause […]